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Velbon UT Tripods: your best travel mates

Velbon UT Series

The ultimate in flexibility and innovation provides
an incredible expansion/contraction ratio of 5x.

How compact can a tripod be when folded up?
The Velbon UT Series is the answer that represents the maximum pursuit of all design possibilities. The legs consist of 6 sections, meaning that the length of each leg is shorter
when folded.
Legs can be folded by reversing 180, giving the UT Series tripod the form of an acrobat. Capable of being opened to eye-level height, making this tripod ideal
as a travel companion.
The expansion ratio ‒ the relation between the size when folded and maximum expansion ‒ is an astonishing 5x.
While the UT tripod is normally used with a ball head, a version with a 3-way pan-and-tilt head is also available.


Quick release plate slides in and is locked automatically by shoe lever.
Shoe lever can be further rotated for extra-sure locking.

Rotate center column nut right or left
to adjust height with desired extension. Twisting the nut further for extra-sure locking.

Pull up the central leg adjuster to change the leg-locking position.
Twist it right to make legs non-reversible. This allows leg angle to be changed to semi-low and full-low position for macro photography.

Leg angles can be opened from standard 25 to 45 and then to 75 step by step on each leg. Leg angle positioned can be cancelled by pushing to right.

By twisting the leg end tip in the anti-clockwise direction, all leg sections are loosened and can be collapsed. Twisting
leg end tip in the clockwise direction locks all leg sections with one action. Make sure all legs are locked tightly before mounting the camera.

Make sure all legs are locked tightly before mounting the camera.

*Caution: Take care when gripping Rubber Foot to avoid staining hands with mud etc. Avoid pinching fingers or hands between Rubber Foot and legs.

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