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Winter Promo

Multiblitz Compact Plus kit 2x200Ws only 655 + vat!



About us

We have been working in the field of professional photography and the printing process since the beginning of the digital era. Our long and consolidated experience has led us to conclude that the complexity of publishing processes demanded a new approach.

Highly specialized professionals often played separate roles, unable to blend in a common project because their cultures were so different. We have analyzed and tested products, methods and skills; we extended our knowledge in each of the areas involved, and with our customers we have always found a way to optimize knowledge over time in the new digital context.

From post-processing to pre-press, from acquisition to the black generation settings in the printing process, we have always protected investments and knowledge of our customers, helping them project into the future. This is the first step towards the awareness of being part of a complex and integrated production flow.

Therefore, we've been constantly working on the solution of problems that may arise in the pre-press process with digital photography: our goal is to make production smooth and seamless.

With this in mind, thanks to people from different backgrounds and cultures, Image Consult came to life, with the portal, our online mall for professionals of the digital age.